Cushion & Bench Rentals

Are you traveling to Colorado for retreat? Want to leave your bulky, heavy seat at home?

Cushion & bench rentals are the answer!


  • Choose from round, rectangular and crescent cushions in a variety of fabrics, as well as benches and zabutons.
  • Flat rates, not daily rates. Your rental price is the same for a 3-day or 1-month retreat.
  • Keep your items for up to 30 days.
  • Big savings compared to purchasing new. Less hassle than traveling with your own.
  • Rates start at just $29.



Rentals require a 100% deposit, 50% of which is refunded back to you upon returning your like-new cushion, bench or zabuton.

Returns can not be made on items that are stained, torn or otherwise damaged.

Please call or email for more details.